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Why Being a Member of a GPO has Become a Best Practice for Restaurant Operators

Restaurants are in a Profitability Crunch...

Operators are suddenly being asked to purchase a whole slew of new protection and sanitation products, plus add cleaning staff AND an increasingly large portion of their margins are being given to 3rd-party delivery companies. 

It is time for Cost Control! 

Group Purchasing Organizations offer simple solutions for adding cash back to a restaurant’s bottom line through rebate programs, produce programs and all kinds of technology offerings. 

Join Tina Davie Donahue, president of the nation’s largest GPO for independent restaurants and Compeat customer James Clark, Founder at Clark Culinary Consulting, on August 12th at 1:00 PM CT, for a conversation about the number that matter most to successful operators: their profit.  Guests will leave this webinar with actionable ideas for how to reduce costs in their operation and a new understanding of exactly what GPOs do (and don’t do). 

Meet The Experts

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Christina Davie Donahue
President, Dining Alliance

Christina Davie Donahue is President of Buyers Edge Platform, a Group Purchasing Network of tech-enabled GPOs, Saas companies and supply chain consultants that creates unparalleled efficiency and new value in the foodservice channel. 

Christina previously lead Dining Alliance, The Nationals Largest GPO for Independent Restaurants. There, her focus was on supporting the restaurant industry to help independent operators stay competitive in the marketplace.  Christina worked with Dining Alliance for over 10+ years and has led the company through several major accelerated growth periods in executive sales positions. 

Christina is a graduate of the State University of New York at Brockport.  She currently lives in Palm Beach County, Florida with her husband and two daughters.  Christina guides her decisions with the belief that the right risks are always worth taking, even when failure is an option.


James Clark
Founder, Clark Culinary Consulting

James Clark founded Clark Culinary to help smaller restaurant groups and independent operators access the knowledge and know-how of large multi-unit groups at an affordable rate. 

Prior to founding Clark Culinary, James was the Director of Culinary and Purchasing at Murphy Adams Restaurant Group, where he oversaw culinary innovation, product selection, and distribution for the Mama Fu’s, Austin’s Pizza, and East Side King brands. A veteran chef and restaurant operator, James has more than 25 years of experience in culinary creativity and menu development across multiple sectors of the foodservice industry. He is a member of the Off-Premises Industry Council, and a winner of the Nations' Restaurant News MenuMasters Trendsetter award.