Compeat's Restaurant Guide to 
Managing Your Workforce

This guide includes tips and ideas to help you source the right candidates,
train and manage them consistently, develop a winning culture, and more.

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Compeat's Guide to:
Managing Your Workforce

The restaurant industry is no stranger to workforce issues. High turnover has always plagued operators, and the tight job market that we find ourselves in currently leaves many employers desperate to fill open positions and retain staff.

Compeat has drawn on our 20 years of restaurant-industry experience, that includes a customer base of over 1,500 unique brands in 14,500 locations, to compile a practical guide to ease this chronic pain point with proven tips to help you source, hire, and nurture a winning staff.

Whether you are preparing to open a new restaurant or in need to revamp your current processes, this simple guide can help you understand the fundamentals of workforce management. Topics discussed include:

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Chapter 1 
Human Resources Checklist

Chapter 2 
Policies and Procedures

Chapter 3 
The Employee Handbook

Chapter 4 
Hiring the Right People

Chapter 5 
Behavioral-Based Interviewing

Chapter 6 
Training Staff

Chapter 7 
Developing a Winning Culture

Compeat's Restaurant Guide to Managing Your Workforce


"In any customer service industry, quality beats quantity every time. While finding the right people may take longer initially, you will find that hiring people who are the right fit for your organization creates a win-win situation – happy employees will stay with you, and reduce your turnover in the long run."

Chapter 4 - Hiring the Right People

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