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Compeat Advantage: 
Accounting & Inventory

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Learn how Compeat Advantage can save you time, improve your inventory process, and give you an edge over your competition.

We will show you how:

  • Advantage helps streamline restaurant accounting & operations
  • Advantage helps you monitor, track, and order new inventory
  • Advantage helps you obtain COGS and other meaningful reports
  • Advantage can aid you in menu engineering & analysis

Gain a competitive advantage for your restaurant

In today’s competitive restaurant landscape gaining an advantage over your competitors is crucial to the success and longevity of your business.

Currently restaurant owners and managers are so weighed down by duplicate data entry, working to get systems to communicate, tracking, ordering, and communicating inventory levels, and reporting top of store metrics, that they don’t have the time to be strategic. Compeat Advantage is here to help.

Join our solution engineer Katie Colainni in this On-Demand demo as she walks you through the core components of Compeat’s back office accounting solution and shows you how you can utilize it to gain a competitive edge.

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Katie Colainni
Sales Engineer

Katie brings over 17 years of restaurant management experience to the Compeat team.  She has worked in a variety of positions throughout her restaurant career, is a trained chef, and joined our team after working for three different Compeat customers. Today she is a Sales Engineer who works day in and day out showing customers how the Compeat suite of tools can help them achieve their goals.