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Compeat Intelligence (Radar): Insight into your Operations

Learn how Radar can help you gain actionable intelligence to drive better decisions for your business.

We will show you how to:

  • Create engaging reports for above store & In store leadership.
  • Identify trends and best practices to share across all locations
  • Know exactly where your revenue and costs are daily, weekly and monthly
  • Analyze the past, Assess the present, forecast the future.
  • Give your managers access to the data they need to be strategic.

Gain a competitive advantage for your restaurant

Restaurant managers wear a lot of hats. Between having to manage staff, inventory, payments, marketing, customer satisfaction and more, it is easy to get weighed down by the day to day and miss the big picture. Radar is here to help.

Radar is Compeat’s Intelligence solution built to make your data more visible, accessible, and actionable. With over 200 POS centric reports, Radar can get you the information you need when you need, saving you time, energy, and most importantly money!

Join our solution engineer Katie Colaianni in this On Demand Demo as she walks you through the core components of Radar and shows you how it can be used to view trends, adjust operations, detect fraud, and more.

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Katie Colainni
Sales Engineer

Katie brings over 17 years of restaurant management experience to the Compeat team.  She has worked in a variety of positions throughout her restaurant career, is a trained chef, and joined our team after working for three different Compeat customers. Today she is a Sales Engineer who works day in and day out showing customers how the Compeat suite of tools can help them achieve their goals.