Four Ways to Fuel Profitability During a Pandemic

This webinar teaches you strategies you can implement right away in order to adapt your operation to stay profitable during this pandemic and going forward.


Learn ways to produce new revenue streams and ignite profitability during COVID-19 and beyond.


According to the National Restaurant Association the restaurant industry has already lost over $165 billion dollars in the fall and is projected to lose more with cases rising and more states tightening restrictions. The restaurants that have stayed profitable through this pandemic have had to adapt repeatedly.

Check out this webinar to learn ways to adapt your operation in order to stay profitable today, tomorrow, and beyond this pandemic.

This webinar goes over:

  • How to create a flexible business model.
  • Simplifying your operation with profit in mind.
  • Strategies you can put in place today to reduce labor costs.
  • Marketing ideas to engage your customers and boost awareness of your offerings.

Kristi Turner, CMO of Compeat

Kristi Turner
Compeat, Chief Marketing Officer

With over 27 years of domestic and international strategic business and marketing experience, Kristi has a successful track record for building scalable SaaS revenue growth, empowering employee cultures and customer centric marketing strategies. Kristi was recently named Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine’s 2019 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Award Winner for Lifetime Achievement. Kristi is also a restaurant industry veteran - from hostess, waitress, bartender, trainer, investor and owner - she has experienced it all.

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Four Ways to Fuel Profitability during a Pandemic