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Get Tipped Off: Learn How To Proactively Protect Your Restaurant Against Fraud

Learn how to identify and safeguard your restaurant against theft, along with: 

  • How to leverage Compeat’s radar solution to identify fraudulent employee activity.
  • Common ways employees steal from restaurants
  • How to spot red flags associated with fraud.
  • Reports that can help you identify criminal activity.
  • How to configure Proactive alerts to safeguard your business from theft

Take Action & Safeguard Your Restaurant From Theft

In today’s high churn workforce, being smart about implementing data and revenue safeguards is vital to the success and longevity of your business.

Gaps in POS systems and inefficient management and reporting practices cause restaurants to lose thousands every year to theft. When you are running a franchise those gaps can lead to severe losses that can have devastating effects on your bottom line.

Listen to Serena Greer, Customer Enablement Manager at Compeat Restaurant Management Software, as she outlines strategies your team can use to detect fraud before it gets a hold of your revenue. 

Serena Greer

Serena Greer
Manager, Customer Enablement

Serena brings over 15 years of restaurant management experience to the Compeat team. She started her journey working with big names like Chili’s and BJ’s. Today she is a Customer Enablement Manager who works day in and day out helping customers improve the way they report on and manage their restaurants. She has helped restaurants navigate through a diverse range of issues and thrilled to be able to share her learnings and experience with others.