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How to Utilize Intelligence Radar To Track Your KPI's

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Our expert will teach you:

  • What KPI's top restaurants track to ensure their success
  • How to leverage Compeat’s Intelligence Radar solution to track popular KPI’s
  • Popular reporting features that save restaurant managers time.

Track, Measure, & Evaluate Your Restaurant's Performance

Everyone knows that tracking your restaurant’s performance regularly is crucial to ensuring its success. However, understanding what KPI’s you should be tracking as well as how to integrate data from multiple systems is not always a clear-cut process. 

Join Serena Greer, Customer Enablement Manager at Compeat Restaurant Management software, as she outlines what KPI’s top restaurants track to ensure they are operating at their peak performance, as well as how you can track and evaluate them utilizing Radar.

Serena Greer

Serena Greer
Manager, Customer Enablement

Serena brings over 15 years of restaurant management experience to the Compeat team. She started her journey working with big names like Chili’s and BJ’s. Today she is a Customer Enablement Manager who works day in and day out helping customers improve the way they report on and manage their restaurants. She has helped restaurants navigate through a diverse range of issues and thrilled to be able to share her learnings and experience with others.