NRA 2019 Tech Talk 
Juiced Up on Data: Why BI is the
Secret Ingredient to Jamba Juice's Success

Compeat partnered with Jamba Juice and implemented a system that made their data readable, comparable, accessible, and actionable.

Learn How Jamba Juice Made Their Data Actionable

Restaurants generate a lot of data, but that data is meaningless unless you can turn it into something actionable. You can’t fix what you can’t see.  

  • Back of house has all of the data but due to the separation of duties they might not have the insight needed to make it actionable.
  • Front of house has all the insights but does not have the time to go digging through spreadsheets while also running the floor.

This Tech Talk will show your team how Jamba Juice improved operations through the democratization of data, how they spotted negative trends, prevented revenue loss, and united their staff to grow their profits.

Meet The Experts


Paul Dodd

Paul Dodd
SVP, Sales

Paul oversees the strategic direction and expansion of Compeat's sales organization, with core expertise in sales, leadership, culture and operations. Paul is focused on developing new sales initiatives and managing sales operations. Paul hold an MBA from Baylor University- Hankamer School of Business, a M.A in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a BA in Accounting from Kent State University.


Raul Celorio

Raul Celorio
VP of IT

Raul is a solutions-oriented IT Professional with over ten years of experience in project life-cycle planning and implementation. He is passionate about solving complex business problems and enjoys helping customers create and maintain safe IT infrastructure. Raul spent close to three years managing Jamba Juice’s IT Operations and worked with them on a variety of initiatives surrounding business intelligence. Raul currently works for ResureTek, LLC and resides in Piedmont California