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We have tailored a solution for bookkeeping and accounting firms allowing you to automate and standardize the way you collect POS, labor, payroll and inventory data from your restaurant clients.  This saves you countless hours otherwise spent collecting and entering your customer’s data. We poll sales and payroll information daily from your client’s POS and provide restaurant specific dashboards, reporting and alerts for you and your clients every day.

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Our Back Office and Accounting solutions require integration with a variety of other systems. Examples are Point of Sale (POS) systems, vendor systems, accounting systems, and payroll systems. In most cases our systems and the partner systems are complimentary. Examples of integration partner companies are Oracle, NCR, ADP, U.S. Foods and many more. Many of our Integration Partners are also Referral Partners.


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Flores Financial Services

"We enjoy the partnership with Compeat & the common goal we both share in providing the clients the best product and service available in today’s market. Our partnership with Compeat has allowed us to provide value added insight & analytics to our service package creating a recipe for success."

- Michelle Flores-Gonzales, Director of Operations, Flores Financial Services


When a third party service or product can significantly improve our customer offering, we will partner and often integrate with these solutions.  The result is broader and richer capabilities to our already best-in-class, robust product suite.  Examples of Solution Partners are Rapid! Paycard, Synergi Tax Credits, and Valiant payroll service.

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We have developed relationships with a handful of specialized restaurant consulting organizations. These firms advise restaurants on finance and technology (amongst other topics) and they know our products and services well. Examples of consulting partners are Results Thru Strategy, CFO Advisors, and BDO Seidman.

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RDMS Group

"Working with Compeat has streamlined our ability to meet our clients deadlines and manage a significant workload. The process of collecting data from the restaurant's point of sale system and exporting it to our accounting package is extremely valuable ." 
-Tom Rutledge, Managing Partner of RDMS