Compeat's Restaurant Guide for
Profitability during COVID-19

Learn strategies to keep your restaurant operation healthy
and profitable through this pandemic and beyond

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Compeat's Guide to:
Profitability during COVID-19

The word "unprecedented" is often used to describe COVID-19's impact on everyday life. Those in the foodservice and restaurant industry would agree wholeheartedly and have experienced first hand the difficulties that have come with this year. According to the National Restaurant Association the restaurant industry has already lost over $165 billion dollars and is positioned to lose $40 billion in sales just in the final two months of the year. With cases rising and more states tightening restrictions this number could sadly increase.  The restaurants that have stayed profitable through this pandemic have had to adapt repeatedly.

Our team at Compeat has continued to provide resources for restaurants on alternative operation strategies and industry insights in hopes that we can be of help to the industry that we care so passionately about. Check out this guide on how to adapt your operation in order to stay profitable and as always reach out to us anytime for additional tips.


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Chapter 1 
Flexible Business Model

Chapter 2 
Simplify your Operations

Chapter 3 
Reduce Labor Costs

Chapter 4 
Don't forget about Marketing

Compeat's Guide to Profitability during COVID-19

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“Balancing good service and low labor is difficult but it can be done. It is important to review your sales history to know what to expect on any given shift. Also, be aware of local events that have historically caused an unexpected spike or drop in sales. Be sure you are adequately covered for peak hours but be careful not to over schedule as this will quickly cut into your profits...”

Chapter 3 - Reduce Labor Costs

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Profitability during COVID-19