Compeat's Restaurant Guide for
Recipe & Menu Engineering

This guide walks step by step through the recipe & menu engineering process and helps increase your take home profits.

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How to Design with
Revenue in Mind....

Menu Engineering is a skill that all restaurants must master if they hope to be profitable and yet many owners and operators fall short in this category. Food cost fluctuations, sales variances, and staff turnover can make evaluating recipes and adjusting menus difficult. The good news is technology can do most of the heavy lifting for you. 

Compeat has tools that have helped hundreds of restaurants report on, categorize, and improve their food costs. With two distinct solutions and thousands of customers, we have learned a lot about this topic over the years and we are excited to pass on those lessons. 

This guide will walk you step by step through the menu engineering process. It will teach you how to calculate food costs, evaluate and categorize your recipes, and design your menu in a way that will increase your revenue.

Chapter 1 
What is Menu Engineering

Chapter 2 
The Fundamentals of Recipe Costing

Chapter 3 
Recipe Analysis & Categorization

Chapter 4 
The Fundamentals of Menu Design

Chapter 5

Evaluating Your New Design

Compeat's Guide to Recipe & Menu Engineering

A peek at what's inside...

“Your menu’s design has more power than you may realize. Small tweaks can increase your revenue by up to 35%. The nine things you need to consider when redesigning your menu are...”

Chapter 4 - The Fundamentals of Menu Design

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