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Recipe & Menu Engineering 101  

Watch our experts to learn how to accelerate your revenue through recipe analysis and menu design. 

Learn how to craft your most profitable menu yet!

Recipe costing is a skill that all restaurants must master if they hope to be profitable and yet many owners and operators fall short in this category. Food cost fluctuations, sales variances, and staff turnover can make evaluating recipes difficult. 

This masterclass will show you how to find the information you need to make smart menu decisions and teach you how to utilize it to ensure your restaurant's success. You will learn:

  • History of menu engineering
  • How to calculate food costs (COGS, contribution margins, food cost %, etc.)
  • Recipe analysis and pricing
  • How to categorize your dishes based on profitability & popularity
  • Principles of menu design
  • Foods that will cost you LESS

Watch experts from Compeat as they walk you through the fundamentals of menu engineering and design. You will walk away with the knowledge you need to create profitable menus.


Meet The Experts
Our restaurant geeks

Annabelle Headshot Hubspot 1-1

Annabelle Crawford
Implementation Specialist

Annabelle is an enthusiastic 13 year restaurant veteran who has built her career in Austin Texas as an Executive Pastry Chef for some of the area's most beloved restaurants. Annabelle is a passionate chef who has always looked to take her skills to the next level, even going so far as to appear on the popular T.V. show Chopped.

After working in the industry for more than a decade she wanted to develop her technical skills and work to help restaurants streamline their operations. Today she works as a Implementation Consultant for Compeat, Inc. and teaches customers best practices to ensure they get the most out of their software investment.



Jason Headshot Hubspot New

Jason Hollis
Training & Implementation Lead

Jason is a training and implementation manager at Compeat.  Having worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years, Jason’s primary goal centers around offering tools and training to help restaurant owners and managers operate more efficiently.

Jason’s passion for the restaurant industry shines through to everything he does. His experience working as a general manager, chef, and produce specialist offers a diverse wealth of experience to offer guidance to restaurant operators.