Compeat's Restaurant Guide for
Reducing Variable Costs

Learn everything you need to know about reducing
your restaurants variable costs. 

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Compeat's Guide to:
Reducing Variable Costs

Running a restaurant is a like leading an orchestra. The best ones are great because they know how to strike the right balance. Managing fluctuating food, labor, and overhead costs is not easy, especially if you are new to the industry or an establishment that does not have the right foundation in place. This guide offers best practices on how to implement that foundation

Compeat has drawn on 20 years of restaurant-industry experience, that includes a customer base of over 1,500 unique brands in 14,500 locations, to compile a practical guide to help restaurant owners improve their processes and lower their variable costs. 

Whether you are operating at the appropriate cost percentages for your business or an operation that is really struggling to keep all of your costs under control, this resource can help validate your processes and propose new ideas to consider. 

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Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 
Reducing Labor Costs

Chapter 3 
Reducing Food Costs

Chapter 4 
Reducing Overhead Costs

Compeat's Guide to Reducing Variable Costs

A peek at what's inside...

“For example, let’s say sales were lower than projected this month. Unfortunately, you are also out of salmon. If you don’t place an order you will have to 86 your most popular special this weekend. You know that doing so will impact your profitability even further as it is a high margin dish...”

Chapter 1 - The Budget

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Reducing Variable Costs