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Top 5 Inventory Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn what inventory mistakes are costing restaurants the most money and how you can avoid them.

What Would Saving 2-5% on Inventory Mean For You?

Today's restaurants operate on tighter margins than ever before. With food costs running at approximately 30% or higher, learning to accurately manage inventory & prevent common mistakes is critical in successfully driving down costs and maximizing profits. 

Inefficient management practices, improper storage, gaps in inventory logs, theft, and waste are among the top reasons that cause even the most successful kitchens to fail. Fortunately, all of these can be prevented by knowing and avoiding top mistakes and implementing best practices around each of the following. They include:

  • Conducting accurate counts.
  • Proper ordering procedures to ensure accurate quantities and pricing.
  • Receiving orders and tracking variances.
  • Securing high dollar items and the procedures behind issuing food.
  • Streamlining the inventory process to speed up counts, reduce waste and spoilage, and eliminate theft.

Watch experts from Compeat, Inc. & Ben E Keith as they walk you through best practices for counting, ordering, receiving, issuing, and storing product and give you insider tips on how you can cut costs and increase the profitability of your restaurants.


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Meet The Experts

Annabelle headshot

Annabelle Crawford
Implementation Specialist

Annabelle is an enthusiastic 13 year restaurant veteran who has built her career in Austin Texas as an Executive Pastry Chef and General Manager for some of the area's most beloved restaurants. Annabelle is a passion chef who has always looked to take her skills to the next level, even going so far as to appear on the popular T.V. show Chopped.

After working in the industry for more than a decade she wanted to develop her technical skills and work to help restaurants streamline their operations. Today she works as a Implementation Consultant for Compeat, Inc. and teaches customers best practices to ensure they get the most out of their software investment.



Sue Straugn Headshot website

Sue Straughan
Business Development


Sue Straughan is a restaurant specialist for Ben E. Keith Foods.  Having worked in the restaurant industry for over 30 years, Sue’s primary goal centers around offering tools, resources and solutions to help restaurant operators increase sales, decrease costs and operate more efficiently for a healthier bottom line.  Her experience operating in QSR to Upper Casual Dining plus 17 years at the corporate level provides for an extensive wealth of experience to offer guidance for restaurant operators. Ben E. Keith Foods understands their customers’ success dictates Ben E. Keith Food’s success and Sue’s position supports this underlying philosophy.

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