Compeat's Complete Guide to 
Running a Restaurant

Learn everything you need to know about running a restaurant with this one comprehensive guide. You will learn best practices for restaurant accounting, forecasting, inventory, labor laws, marketing, expansion and beyond!

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Compeat's Guide to:
Running a Restaurant

Running a restaurant is a tough job. Juggling inventory, customer satisfaction, employee issues, marketing and beyond can wreak havoc on the minds of business owners. This eBook was created to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and help you maintain sanity when navigating the wild waters of the restaurant world. 

Compeat has drawn on 20 years of restaurant-industry experience, that includes a customer base of over 1,500 unique brands in 14,500 locations, to compile a practical guide to help restaurant owners improve their processes business wide.  

Whether you are opening your first restaurant or working to add more locations to your portfolio this guide can help you pinpoint inefficiencies, streamline processes, gather and report on the data that matters, and accelerate your profits for growth.

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Chapter 1 
Restaurant Accounting

Chapter 2 
Inventory- Purchasing, Ordering & Receiving 

Chapter 3 
Managing & Retaining Employees

Chapter 4 
Labor Laws and Regulations Compliance

Chapter 5 
Deterring Employee Theft

Chapter 6 
Expanding Your Business

Chapter 7 
Keys to Prolonged Success



“Running a restaurant is a tough job.  It is similar to being a ship captain; you are constantly navigating new waters, adjusting for varying wind speeds and trying to keep your crew in check."


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